Eating Your Own Dog Food

September 14th, 2010

Some background. I have a simple time tracker that I built a few months ago. It lets me log start and end times and a message to describe the work I did during that time. It was a simple journaling tool, but limited to one client per copy.

I’ve gotten tired of working that way, so I am currently developing a v2 on top of my new framework. It’s going to have proper time tracking, client management, and all sorts of other goodies.

This is defiantly a lesson in eating your own dog food however. I have encountered so many small and large bugs in many of the pieces of code I have developed. Still, a lot of fixes result in this. The most interesting though is this is the first time I am using my ACL class in a full project. I had done some rudimentary unit tests in the past for this project, but it was after the fact, and only intended to catch basic problems. It is so useful to have a project to test it with, and this work is uncovering so many things I didn’t even consider when I first built ACL. I’d worked on that class for a year and a half, but there are still many things that I need to add it seems.

For those of you that are interested, I will be releasing ACL in the near future, as it is a useful piece of code that will make your brain explode. So my next project is going to be documentation as well.

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