Life and Development

July 11th, 2013

Development is such a hard thing to do sometimes. It’s not so much the work itself, but rather, the things outside of work. Life is messy, distracting, and expensive. I’m going to try and blog more about development, and the process around it, as I work through my job, my projects, and other things I do.

Today’s post was going to be a bit longer, but I’ve discovered that my car needs a new catalytic converter. Given the cost of having that fixed, I have to get back to work and log more hours so I can pay for that.

Life is messy.

jQuery Pagination Top And Bottom

March 10th, 2011

Thanks goes to VNSMANIAN2006 for the code for a quick top and bottom pagination element with jQuery Pagination. The original note can be found here:

And here is how I used it:
$.get("ajax.php?getcount=1", {}, function(data){
$("#pagination").pagination(data, {
num_edge_entries: 2, num_display_entries: 6, items_per_page: 20,
next_show_always: false, prev_show_always: false,
callback: function(page_index, jp){
$.get("ajax.php?p="+page_index, {}, function(data){
return false;

And all I did was add the #paginationb div below the table.

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