jQuery Pagination Top And Bottom

March 10th, 2011

Thanks goes to VNSMANIAN2006 for the code for a quick top and bottom pagination element with jQuery Pagination. The original note can be found here: http://plugins.jquery.com/node/8360#comment-4157

And here is how I used it:
$.get("ajax.php?getcount=1", {}, function(data){
$("#pagination").pagination(data, {
num_edge_entries: 2, num_display_entries: 6, items_per_page: 20,
next_show_always: false, prev_show_always: false,
callback: function(page_index, jp){
$.get("ajax.php?p="+page_index, {}, function(data){
return false;

And all I did was add the #paginationb div below the table.

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